Carrie Underwood Takes CHRISTINE for a spin


Carrie Underwood gets revenge in her new music video titled, "Two Black Cadillacs."  The video was greatly influenced by Stephen King's CHRISTINE.  The story follows a wife getting revenge on a cheating husband.  The preacher says he was a "good man" and the brother said he was a "good friend" -- but two women with veils aren't crying. His lover was unaware he was married, and it appears the two women worked together to do him in.  They meet for the first time at the cemetery, each having arrived in a black Cadillac.

Who did the killing?  The wife?  The girlfriend?  The car?  Does the car have a mind of its own?

Taste of Country notes,
Underwood said in a preview on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that she would not move forward with that concept without King’s blessing. He “signed off” on the idea, and Underwood was good to go.
One scene looks like it's right out of Christine, as the car chases the unfaithful husband down a narrow dead-end alley.

Watch to the end. . . that car healed itself.  Familiar?

So in a year that looks like the craze will be CARRIE, a singer named Carrie makes a video themed around Christine.  All the while, King himself prepares to give us the sequel to his classic novel The Shining.  Vintage King rules!


  1. The odds of me watching a Carrie Underwood video just increased dramatically...

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