Link: Interview With Mick Garris has posted an interview with Mick Garris (HERE). 

I think Grzesiek Tupikowski did a masterful job asking some great questions. 

In the interview, Garris does explain why he chose to kill Mike's wife in a different manner than the novel.  They also discuss why Sarah Tidwell was moved out a generation, and other differences between the mini-series and the book.

I liked this portion:
Q: This winks for King's fans and references to him and his works are probably your work, are they?
Garris: Well, a little bit, but really, most of them were Matt's ideas. I actually didn't want to do too many of those and distract from the story. But it's always fun to provide a nod to the master...

There are a couple of "huh?!" moments.  Garris says, "King doesn't really write about teenagers, not since CARRIE, anyway, and Hollywood now seems to feel that all horror films have to be about kids. But we'll see."  What about Christine, From a Buick 8 . . . and that's all I can think of!  IT and Pet Sematary were about children, not teens.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

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