Jam: "Bag Of Bones Holds Attention"

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HERE is a positive review of Bag of Bones.  Bill Harris notes how "aggressive" it is for A&E to put this out while most channels are packing in the Christmas programming.

He says Bag of Bones is "well done" and that "apparently this isn't an era for trashy-slashy horror, but rather a time for lush, quality horror."

As anyone who has read the book will say, Harris urges viewers to read the book!  He says,
"With any story of this nature, a rather robust "suspension of disbelief" is required by the viewer. And while this is of no consequence to anyone who hasn't read the book, if you have read it you'll notice some little leaps of logic that aren't explained at all in the TV mini-series but were fully fleshed out in the novel."

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