Dorsey: Bag Of Bones Is No Twilight

Patrick Dorsey at xfinity has a great article titled "A look inside Stephen King's Bag Of Bones."   (here)   It seems important to Dorsey to remind us that Bag of Bones is no Twilight.  By that, I assume he means a lame romance instead of a good solid ghost story! 

Dorsey notes that this was Garris' first time working with James Bond himself, Mr. Brosnan.  Garris said about Brosnan, “I’d never seen him do this kind of a role where it’s so raw and emotional, where he really breaks down. And he was terrific. And he’s also such a gentleman. We got along great.”  Garris says that Brosnan was "a little reserved" about some of the supernatural scenes, but eventually he dived right in.

Like Haven, Bag of Bones was filmed in Nova Scotia.  Behind the camera the article says Garris has "Cosmas Paul Bolger (“Moulin Rouge”) and Jeffrey Okun (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”) assisting, along with makeup director Adrien Morot (“300”)."  He confirms that King is not in the film. 

And here's my favorite quote from Garris: "I was really, really surprised that when we did my cut, they had no broadcast standards issues at all with it."

Now. . . for my question: Why does the A&E Banner include the line at the bottom "Real Life.  Drama."  Bag of Bones is real life?  It's Drama?  Did not one tell the advertising department that this is a horror film?



  1. Real Life. Drama is a part of A&E name :D not the Bag Of Bones advert :D

  2. I know that. . . but if what they are about is making real life drama, why are they headed to Stephen King country? Their stated mission statement doesn't jive with their product.