Robert Mccammon's Wolf's Hour

For those of you who are Robert Mccammon fans, it is noteworthy that Cemetery Dance is taking preorders for a limited edition of Wolfs Hour ($75).

In the world of Stephen King, Mccammon's Swan Song is often compared with The Stand. Of course, hardcover limited copies of Swan Song now go for around $500.


  1. I'm glad to hear about this. WOLF'S HOUR--which I just finished re-reading for about the sixth time--Is an amazing tour-de-force in werewolf literature, completely re-imagining the 'monster' and inserting him/it into an unexpected context. For me, McCammon is one of the triumvirate of horror: King, Koontz, McCammon.

  2. I'm glad to see that McCammon appears to have a renewed interest in horror. it seems like he pulled back for a while, upset by being called a Stephen King hack. He cetainly has his own voice. I would read more of his work if it was on audio.