Under The Dome News: Season 2 Cast Additions

Under The Dome has made some additions to its cast for Season Two. CSI: NY's Eddie Cahill and Misfits' Karla Crome have been tapped to become series regulars in Chester's Mill in its sophomore season. Eddie Cahill will play Big Jim's brother-in-law, and Karla Crome will join the series as a teacher. Cahill was a series regular for all 197 episodes of CSI: NY, where he played Detective Don Flack. Crome, meanwhile, will make her U.S. TV debut.

Source: www.cbs.com

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  1. I wish they had kept some of the original characters from the novel (and kept some of their personalities intact). I don't think I really like what they did to Junior or how they ditched some of the more interesting elements and people -not to mention Horace (I liked King 's dig at Koontz in the novel).