Classic Movies That Still Make You Jump

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Cheat Sheet posted 6 Classic Movies That Still Make Jump.  What's interesting about the list?  It's headed up by King's 1984 film, Children of the Corn.  And, what's more, Pet Sematary also made the list.  Now this is pretty cool, since there are only 6 films listed.  For King films to find their way to a list like that twice is pretty awesome.

Athea Mitchell writes about one of my favorites, Pet Sematary,
What do you get when you combine Cujo and The Omen? You guessed it — Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, which is misspelled, for those who are wondering, to imitate the mistakes of a child. It’s very much the type of horror movie that has you shouting at the characters, “Don’t do that!” as they proceed to make every possible wrong move. Don’t play with the powers of life and death, don’t bring your cat back from the dead, don’t bring your son back, and don’t get stabbed with that scalpel. The list goes on. 
Ultimately, feeling that helpless — combined with the corruption of everyone’s childhood memories of dead cats, dogs, birds, and turtles — leads viewers to a pretty fantastic horror experience. The Creeds move into a new house with a dangerous expressway going right by it. You’re already frustrated, right? Don’t let your pet so close to the road! Cue strange neighbor who shows Mr. Creed where to bury the family cat so that extra Fancy Feast doesn’t go to waste. Eventually, the power of this odd little cemetery gets out of hand, and the resurrected cat — who is of course evil — is just the start.
So what movies still pack a punch?  Mitchell suggests these:
1. Children of the Corn, 1984
2. Rosemary's Baby, 1968
3. The Omen, 1976
4. The Exorcist, 1973
5. Pet Sematary, 1989
6. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, 1962

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  1. COTC? Really? That's the choice for most horrifying film of all time? I can't remember jumping even once during that whole thing, not at the beginning which didn't come as a surprise to me in the least, nor at the final showdown, which was nothing more or less than what I was expecting.

    The number 1 spot should obviously go to the Exorcist. I also notice all the choices are more or less linked to the sub-genre of creepy kids horror.


  2. Mine would be:
    1. The Exorcist
    2. Halloween (the original)
    3. Rosemary's Baby/ Count Yorga, Vampire
    4. The Thing
    5. Jaws/Omen
    Not horror movies but these three still freak me out
    A. The Day After (1983 mtm)
    B. Young Sherlock Holmes (the mummy scenes)
    C. Hitting Home (aka Obsessed 1988)

  3. Love the list, Jill C.
    I was never scared by the Exorcist, though. Maybe I don't get it. It's just a kid in a bed. . . ? Help me.

  4. Thanks! I've always been kind of freaked out by the idea of not being in control of myself, so I guess the whole possession thing (regardless of what's doing it) still creeps me out. It's sort of the same deal with the Thing. Night of the living dead is one of my favorites, but I never really thought it was scary.

  5. Saw Bates Motel is on Netflix. Excite about watching it -- and not having to buy it on DVD. Anyone know if it's good?

    1. I enjoyed the first season quite well, David. The acting, I think, was exceptional; it’s a pretty outstanding ensemble. The story was interesting. I disliked young Norman-- Not Freddie Highmore, the actor playing him--and I count that as a good thing since I know what he becomes. I think Freddie stepped into those well-worn, familiar shoes quite well. Give it a shot…

    2. I watched episode 1 and liked it a lot. It's heavy stuff, though. Real suspense that has you rooting for the bad guy. Hitchcock would be proud I suspect.

  6. On a completely unrelated note-- I just read your "Where are the audiobooks!" post from 2011... many of the books you listed have since become available on audio--including The Stand, which I lapped up in a week... any idea when we might see Pet Sematary or The Dead Zone? Maybe revisit that topic in a new post?

    Great site, I have enjoyed looking around... Just finished the audio of "It" (for my 3rd time in 4 years), and already miss Bev, Bill, Eds, Trashmouth, Stan the Man, Mikey and Haystack..

  7. I don't know why Dead Zone and Pet Sematary are not out on commercial audio. They would be sure sales.