Stephen King's Twisted Grandfather

Michael Connelly produced an interesting book a few years ago titled, In The Shadow OF The Master.  It was a collection of Poe’s stories with introductions from famous authors.  King provided an introduction to The Tell Tale Heart, and noted that crime writers such as John D. MacDonaldand and Thomas Harris are what he calls “the children of Poe.”

What about Stephen King?  Is he a child of Poe?  Not quite.  King has said that he has been more inspired by other writers; but that writers he loved to read had been influenced by Poe.  Writers like Robert Block, H..P. Lovecraft and Raybradbury are all authors who fell under Poe’s spell and who in turn influenced Stephen King. These are writers King loves, so, King has suggested that Poe is more like his twisted grandfather.

From: Stephen King A Face Among The Masters

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  1. I just remembered something.

    What if E.A. Poe had actual living descendants, and the Poe line had continued up into to the present day?

    That's not a set up for a story or anything, the actual Poe family is alive up to the present day.

    If anyone should say otherwise, well, just don't tell that to Prof. Harry Lee Poe of Union College, Tennessee.

    Not only is he a direct descendant of the writer of the Raven, but he's written to books about his famous ancestor. One of them's called Evermore and can be found here (also in kindle format):

    The other is called: Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to his Tell Tale Tales:

    Both reveal aspects about Poe that may have been overlooked, Reverend.

    Just thought it might be interesting.