Big Driver is a short film following one woman as she struggles to reclaim her life after a tragic and horrifying event.

Dollar Babies Films is a wonderful project started by Stephen King to allow up and coming filmmakers to legally option some of his short fiction. By using stories published by one of the world's greatest living authors filmmakers are given a unique opportunity to be attached to a project that has instant recognition. This is one such project.

I have been a fan of Stephen King as long as I can remember. One of my first memories was as a four year old, sitting on the edge of my brother's friend's parent's waterbed watching Children of the Corn. I was so enthralled by what I was seeing that I wanted to watch it again the moment it was over. At age eight my parents owned a video store and I would watch horror films in the back room, always loving to see a new Stephen King title cross my path. Christine, Carrie, Cujo, all were childhood favorites. In the strip mall next to the video store was an old used bookstore. Hidden away in the back row of the shop was where I found "IT" at age ten. I would sneak back there every day for more than a month until I finished the book, even if I didn't understand everything I read. I've been a constant reader since then.

It is an indescribable honor to have the opportunity to produce one of Mr. King's stories, and I want to do it justice, but it won't be easy. The money raised here on Kickstarter will go towards feeding cast and crew, renting and purchasing needed equipment, travel expenses for out of state crew, festival submission fees, and everything else that goes into making a short film. The cast and crew will be working for free on this project, but if by chance we are blessed with more than our goal we will use any extra that isn't eaten up by unforeseen production costs to compensate these hard working individuals for their time.

The script is finished and it's time to crew up.
I can't do this alone, and I need your help. Let's make a movie. Thank you.
Kyle Burnett


  1. I suspect King's program might not be okay with someone taking this to Kickstarter.

    I have zero interest in seeing an amateur version of "Big Driver." That'd be a recipe for being squalid and degrading, and I sez thanks but no thanks.

  2. I think for it to be a dollar baby it has to have King's nod --?

    1. Oh, most definitely; I'm just skeptical of King being okay with the filmmakers using Kickstarter to fund it. I might be totally wrong about that, though.

    2. I guess I know . . . well, nothing, about kickstarter.