Talk Stephen King Most Pointless Post

I'm going to do something I don't do often -- discuss the blog. 

I don't really like blogs that have a lot of posts that go along the lines, "sorry I haven't posted, my life is really busy."  As if everyone is anxiously awaiting your next blog post -- not!  So I won't be doing any of that.  Except in the round about way that I just did. . .

I have made some blog decisions.  I have been posting a bit of everything when it comes to Stephen King.  I've decided to stop doing some of that.  In particular, news items I find redundant when there are so many King sites out there.  Both King's own site, and Lilja's Library are great sources of King news.  So why bother to search and repeat what they've already nailed down? 

So, at a much slower pace, here's what I plan on posting:
1. Anything Stephen Kingish that interest me.
2. Articles about King books.
3. Links I find unique and worth mentioning.
4. Discussions about collecting.
5. Journal entries.

See, you probably don't care.  Which if you don't, that's great! 

The heart of it is this -- I want to talk about observations from the King universe that I find interesting.  I love the discussion generated from book reviews and journal entries.  Nerd talk.  I've been too scattered to really focus in on the books themselves.  I've also felt the need to keep something of a daily posting up.  I think a good change of pace is to simply blog as I read about Stephen King or find articles I think are noteworthy.

And, alas -- this is the most pointless post ever.  Well, not quite.  There is a post buried somewhere about a Running Man remake -- that might be the most pointless post ever.


  1. Well I'm glad THAT'S all it is.

    For a minute I was thinking, well, sad to hear things'll be scaled back a bit.

    This, on the other hand is good news for King fans...and most likely the bane of the existence of all sports jocks everywhere.


  2. Hey David! I, for one, (and I'm sure there are many more) never miss one of your postings. I look forward to them all and check my e-mail every single day for news from you and, of course, Liljas Library...
    Tim in Alberta Canada

  3. This is one of my favorite blogs. I check it daily.

  4. Hi. I have added your site to my Links page at: