Under The Dome Creates Small School Panic

photo credit: www.tmz.com

Perez Hilton posted on April 14 that filming of Under The Dome caused a 20 minute  lock down at Wilmington's Pine Valley Elementary School.

Hilton writes:
A TV adaptation of the author's sci-fi/horror tale Under the Dome is currently in production in Wilmington, North Carolina, and apparently, the CBS show's crew neglected to inform an elementary school a few hundred yards away from their set that they were filming a scene that involved a fake gunfight!
So when shots rang out, the nearby students and teachers enjoying recess close-by after their lunch feared for the worse, rushed everyone back inside, and a deputy on duty at the school put the entire student body in lockdown for 20 minutes, until they realized it was a false alarm!
The full article is at perezhilton.com

TMZ (Hilton's source) notes, "The script called for a gunfight with all the sights and sounds. Problem is, the midday Tuesday shoot was filmed in a park just a few hundred yards from the Pine Valley Elementary School in Wilmington, N.C. ... and it sent everyone there into a blind panic."  (www.tmz.com)