CLUB STEPHEN KING: Richard Bachman Check

I enjoyed this article from my friends at club Stephen King about Richard Bachman.  The website is in French, but both google  and Bing will translate it just fine.  So here's something cool  I didn't know:
In 1994, nine years after his death, when his widow was preparing to move, she discovered a box of manuscript in the basement.It contained a number of novels and short stories, more or less finalized. The most complete was a novel called regulators . Claudia took the manuscript to the former editor Richard Bachman , Charles Verrill, who found that the book was a continuation of his previous books. After a few minor changes and with the permission of the widow Bachman (now Claudia Eschelman) Regulators was published in September 1996, and in October of the same year, the novel skin and bones became a Paramount film Pictures. [At the same time that the output Regulators , Stephen King published Desolation novel protanogistes comprising the same, but a different story. Similarly, the book covers are set side by side full artwork.] 
A limited edition of Regulators was published by Dutton and each copy has a check signed by Bachman before his death.

Check out  the entire website, it's a lot of fun.  club-stephenking


  1. Incidentally Reverend, speaking of conspiracies, sorry I didn't get to comment on your last Bachman post sooner, however here are two Room 237 reviews from Popmatters:

    and two from by Jim Emerson:

    The Emerson review is interesting in that it has a follow up commentary about how such theories come about, revolving around childhood trauma induced by (get ready for it) the Screen Gems production logo found at the end of such shows like the Partridge Family, The Monkees, even the bloody Singing Nun!

    Yeah, it's...that kind of thing Emerson theorizes we're dealing with, although it might go some way toward explaining the kind of deep loyalty fans attach to the film, along with those of others.

    Here's a good Emerson quote: Trouble is, the "Room 237" conspirators — er, contributors — don't seem to realize that those meanings are either not hidden, not meanings or not remotely supported by the secret evidence they think they've uncovered. "Room 237" isn't film criticism, it isn't coherent analysis, but listening to fanatics go on and on about their fixations can be kind of fun. For a while, at least.


  2. And read this article about the Stephen King checks in the limited edition of THE REGULATORS


  3. I thought the whole Bachman tie-in with DESPERATION was foolish and said so in my review of THE REGULATORS. I get that King wanted an alter ego and think that it's great that he was Bachman. I don't blame him for being angry that snoops with nothing better to do exposed him.

    But Bachman should have stayed dead. THE REGULATORS ranks near the very bottom of the King's list of published works and the fictional dust jacket remarks take a bad book and make it foolish and bad.