King Gives Large Gift To Gun Control Advocates

Stephen King has made  passionately expressed his opinions about gun control in his essay "Guns." According to The Guardian, King has made a "substantial" donation to a The Coalition for a Safer Maine.  According to the Guardian,
The group supports legislation calling for greater background checks on gun owners, a ban on the size of magazines that can be sold and a strengthening of the prohibition of the sale of guns to those judged to be mentally ill.
The Guardian also notes:
It said in a statement on its website that it had received a "substantial donation" from King and his wife (and fellow author) Tabitha King, and that the couple backed its support of gun control legislation. 
"We are grateful for the generous support of Mr and Mrs King at this pivotal moment in our efforts to establish common-sense gun regulations in Maine," said Larry Gilbert, former mayor of Lewiston, former federal marshal and co-chair of the Coalition for a Safer Maine.

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