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This is a pretty cool Carrie site. Here's a couple of samples of interesting trivia they have posted.
  • The casting of the film was part of a legendary "dual audition." George Lucas and Brian DePalma held an open casting call; Lucas was looking for a cast for STAR WARS, DePalma for CARRIE. In addition to trying out for roles in CARRIE, the ladies were casting to play Princess Leia and the guys were trying out for Luke Skywalker. DePalma later said in an Entertainment Weekly article that Lucas wanted to use Amy Irving (Sue Snell) to play the role of Princess Leia Organa, but DePalma ultimately won her for his film.
  • The statuette in Carrie's prayer closet is often believed to be Jesus Christ (it was scripted as such). However, when they decided that Margaret's death would differ from the novel and she's instead by stabbed to death by kitchen utensils, they opted to parallel her death by creating the statuette in the likeness of St. Sebastian, a Christian Saint who is generally depicted as having been stabbed with arrows.

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