Alas, Vampires Are Scary!

A woman says a vampire caused her to crash in a canal. She came to the end of the road and saw a vampire in front of her. Here's the story from . . .
“According to Colorado State Patrol,” according to the report, the woman was “heading down a dirt road near 20 and K roads late Sunday night” and “told emergency responders she saw a vampire in front of her. Troopers say she put her SUV into reverse and backed into a canal.”The woman’s husband picked her up at the scene and took her home. “Inspectors do not suspect drugs or alcohol to have caused the accident,” and said, further, that “they saw no sign of a vampire.”
That poor lady! She should keep a spare wooden stake beside her in the future.
Know what I like about this story? This lady was smart enough to be afraid of the vampires! No more of that nasty Twilight "Vamps are so sexy" junk! No, this was a good Stephen King Salem's Lot kinda fear. And, if she really did think she saw a vampire and drove off the road, whose version of vampires prove to be more true -- King's or Meyers? I'm not saying anything about the writing in Twilight, I'm just saying it's nice to find out vampires are supposed to be scary!

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