Most Haunting Rides

MSN has a post titled, "Most Haunting Rides Of Film And TV."  Who should take center stage?  Christine. Now we're talking horror movies!  I liked both the film and the book (in that order, since I saw the film first.)

Sharing the road with King's own Maximum Overdrive won't be easy for Christine, as that one comes in #8 of 14.

About Christine the MSN article notes:
To say that "Christine" (1983) is about a bloodthirsty car is true. But it's more true to say that it's an utterly demented love story about a boy and his restored '58 Plymouth Fury. Like so many codependent high-school relationships, it ends badly, with Christine going on a bully-killing rampage, while her nerdy teenage paramour takes the hint and becomes a callous, beer-drinking bad boy. The Fury winds up compacted but unbowed; the epilogue shows her cubed frame stirring, beginning the long road to demonic recovery.
The article also mentions a movie called "Duel" (1971) -- which I found to be strangely engrossing.  I can't explain it -- but it was cool.

But, alas. . . my favorite has to go to The Munster Koach, which "is a cobbled-together Frankenstein monstrosity of parts harvested from the Ford Model T. George Barris, the Koach's creator, used three of Henry Ford's seminal cars to create an 18-foot-long chopped hot rod."

The MSN slideshow is HERE.

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  1. The judgment of the lists that keep cropping up sort of substantiate and idea I've had. That is that contrary to popular opinion, the average common man is more interested in real life than books or movies.

    It's not that they don't like stories, they do, it's just that for most people real life is on a level with which fiction, no matter how good, just can't compete, as witnessed by the almost tossed off nature of the lists.

    If the above is true, then i wonder if maybe they're smarter for it. End of pointless ramble.