MANN: "You Can't Kill Stephen King" Goes To Belgium

Best Feature Film - People's Choice "You Can't Kill Stephen King"
— with Justin Brown, John E Seymore, Ronnie Khalil and Kayle Blogna.

Monroe Mann's interdependent movie, "You Can't Kill Stephen King" is headed to Belgium.  See, I'm a fan of this film, and I haven't even seen it!  
Mann announced that the film has been accepted into the 2012 Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival.  (October 28, 8pm, Bruges, Belgium).
Mann writes:
AWESOME! Our film is screening in Belgium and the Stephen King Fanclub Netherlands is getting all of Europe excited about coming to Belgium to see the film on October 28th! In their own words:
De horror-spoof "You Can't Kill Stephen King" zal op 28 oktober aanstaande te zien zijn op het Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival in Brugge (België). Dit is de Europese première van deze film. 
De film begint om 20.00 uur. Voor meer informatie (en kaarten) kun je terecht op onderstaande website. 
ROMP ON NETHERLANDS! Thanks for your support!

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