King Movies DOMINATE Scary Scenes

Kelsey Ackerman at has posted TV Guide’s countdown of “Scream-Worthy Movies.”  It was interesting just how much Stephen King movies dominated this list!
  • #21, Children of the Corn.  What’s scary about that?  “For this list, it is the scene where a calm diner is taken over by murderous children who kill all the adults present in barbaric ways.”
  • #17 was the prom massacre in the Brian DePalma classic, Carrie. 
  • #12- MISERY!  Andin particular, the scene where Annie uses a sledge hammer to destroy Paul Sheldons legs.
  • #3- was none other than The Shining.  
“Here’s Johnny” screams Jack Nicholson in the moment number three from The Shining. As the innkeeper of the overlook motel, Nicholson’s character follows in the footsteps of Norman Bates as the psychotic innkeeper who attempts to kill his wife while she cowers in a locked room. After hacking away at the door with an axe, Nicholson sticks his head in the hole and says one of cinema’s most infamous lines.
So, four out of 25 movies were related to Stephen King – not bad Mr. King! But how did Children of the Corn get on a list of 25 best. . . anything?

The full article is HERE.


  1. Maybe a typo went uncorrected somewhere for COTC. Either way it has all the marks of Dilbert planning.

    Which King movie do you wish had gone on the list? I personally think Dead Zone should have made the list


  2. Okay, Chris. . . what scene in Dead Zone is scary? (It should be easy to bump COTC off, right?)

    1. It just occurred to me, why didn't I think of The Mist?

      Then again, it's hard to get King on any horror list that's dedicated more to jump scares than nuanced stories.


    2. The scene in the cargo bay in The Mist was pretty scary.