Road To The Dark Tower Getting Bumpy

Mike Fleming at Dread Central says that Universal Pictures has put the Dark Tower pre-production staff on "hiatus."  That doesn't sound good!  The problem?  Well, you guessed it -- the budget!  Fleming writes that they are discussing "ways to bring down the budget of the ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King novel series The Dark Tower."

Just great.  Exactly what we need -- for Universal to start slashing the budget before a single frame is shot.  Blane The Mono made out of cardboard boxes.  I hope we don't end up with a Dark Tower cartoon or something like that.

You know what happened. . . right?  Someone finally read the books!  They said, "We signed on to WHAT?  This thing is huge!  Robot wolves, recreate New York of 1999.  Holy smoke, Batman, we even have to rebuild the World Trade Center for this puppy!  Oh, and did you guys over at budget know that this Dark Tower thingy isn't just a metaphor. . . there really is a Dark Tower!  How are we going to build that?  Not to mention, Javier is pitching a fit about us cutting his right fingers off."

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