What makes you think I have any choice?

Stephen King was responded to the all too oten asked question -- why do you write what you write -- by saying, "What makes you think I have any choice?"
That resonated with me. Because as a conservative -- a pastor -- a sometimes republican -- I am often asked why I read what I read. Namely Stephen King, no one objects to my CHarles DIckens ollrection or O'Henry books. Just King. People will glance at the bookcase full of first edition King books and say, "So, uh. . . you like Stephen King?"
Why do I read King? The truth is, I don't know fully. I've liked King since I was a teen. Sometimes he disappoints -- sometimes (rarely) he doesn't deliver (try the end of the Dark Tower. I was duely warned, but still I was left saying: I read 7,000 pages I get here!). But still, I read on and on. My new response will be, "What makes you think I have any choce?"

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