Three Great Reasons For Fall To Begin

1. Of course, Under The Dome comes out this fall.
King has promised a real treat to readers with a long novel mirroring themes from The Stand. His recent publication of the first pages of The Cannibals has only served to get me more excited about Under The Dome. This, hopefully, will prove to be vintage King. You know, the guy who gave us The Stand The Shining, IT. . .
2. Liljas Library

has a book coming out. Published by Cemetary Dance, this book should be very interesting. Hans-Ake Lilja probably has the best fan site there is. He has features on most of the books, including books about King, and an up to date front page that runs Stephen King news. He's also good at citing sources -- which is appreciated.


3. Bev Vincent's Stephen King Companion
also comes out this fall. I really don't now what to expect of this -- except he has promised it would be "different" from the others.
So here's some of the things that we do know will be included:
  • First draft typescript pages with handwritten notes, including pages from The Gunslinger, The Stand, Pet Sematary and The Dead Zone
  • Several handwritten first draft manuscript pages from Cujo
  • A reproduction of a handwritten ledger containing a section of an unpublished work
  • A familiar scene from Needful Things
  • A scene from another (1990s) novel that is completely different from the published version
  • A reproduction of the January 29, 1966 issue of the Lisbon Drum containing the ultra-rare juvenile short story “43rd Dream” (Lilja's Library says 1 exists.)
  • A three-panel cartoon drawn by King.
  • A reproduction of several pages from Comics Review featuring part of "I Was a Teen-age Grave Robber," King's first story publication. The story was serialized over several issues of the fanzine in 1965.
  • Final galley page from The Stand containing the Author's Note, with King's handwritten changes and additions.
  • Manuscript pages for the scene where Larry Underwood and Rita escape from New York via the Lincoln Tunnel. King has identified this as his favorite scene in the book.
Table of contents for Vincent's Companion:
Introduction: Mr. Horror USA
Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Room 217—The Shining
Chapter 3: The Walkin’ Dude—The Stand
Chapter 4: Welcome to Castle Rock—The Dead Zone
Chapter 5: Sometimes Dead Is Better—Pet Sematary
Chapter 6: Pennywise Lives—It
Chapter 7: Number One Fan—Misery
Chapter 8: The Night Journey—The Green Mile
Chapter 9: Things That Go Bump—Bag of Bones
Chapter 10: The Accident
Chapter 11: More Worlds Than These—The Dark Tower series
Chapter 12: The Thing with the Endless Piebald Side—Lisey’s Story

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