Stephen King Graphic Novels

I must admit that I don't really "get it" when it comes to the Stephen King graphic novels. I have the Dark Tower set, but the list is getting pretty big. Talisman, The Stand, Dark Tower and on and on.
Of course, if I don't read the comics -- it leaves me not really knowing what's up with them. It appeared to me that much of the Dark Tower, so far, has been set in Rolands youth -- dealing with scenes illuded to in Wizard and Glass, but not played out. Do they follow the same storyline? I don't know. Are they the books simply transferred into a graphic formula. . . once again, my knowledge fails!
I want to enjoy the graphic novels, but I just can't get into them.
Best excuses:
1. My eye isn't sure where to fall on the page.
2. I don't know which bubble to read first. (Really. This feels like a math problem)
3. I feel kinda overwhelmed at the turning of each page.
4. Comic books are for kids, right? I keep wanting to call them Comic Books. My wife reminds me that they are Graphic novels, but I just can't get over the feeling that this is kids stuff. I do see a lot of references to them as "comic books." But if my wife says Graphic novel, and she's who cooks me dinner. . .
This might be a sign of age. I didn't watch cartoons as a kid, and didn't read comic books. So it's hard to get into.
I would ask, if anyone wants to answer:
  • Are these Graphic Novels worth it?
  • What's the appeal?
  • Do they follow the same storyline as the books? Are they simply the books in a new form?
  • Someone, sell me on this!

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