Children Of The Corn -- A Very Short Review

Just finished watching Children of the Corn, 2009. Mama said "if you can't say somethin' nice. . ." so I won't say much here.

A few notes, though:
1. Who gave the six year old the big Amish hat?
2. Who runs the radio station that broadcast the six year old?
3. These are not only the freakiest kids I've ever seen. . . they're also the smartist! (Except the teens who feel it is Gods will to follow the six year old. Time for some teenage rebellion!)
4. Who's tall enough to stick all the adults atop the corn stalks?
5. Why is it so bright inside the cornfield at night?
6. Why didn't Bert hear his wife screaming? And honking the horn?

My wife said, "That's it? It feels unfinished."
I said, "Oh no! No, don't say that! It might spawn six or seven sequals!"

7. Seriously, all the kids watch "the night of fertilization."

. . . okay, now I'll be quiet.

Oh Wait! Just one more thing: This story reminds me of the Star Trek episode, Miri. Where a plague has kills the children after they reach a certain age.

okay, I'm done.

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