Children of the Corn -- Again

I numbly watched Children of the Corn this Summer -- once my children were in bed. It was pretty bad. The short story was acceptable, a good read; but honestly, not much more!
Donald Borhers said, "I think we stepped up to the line, measured the distance to the dartboard and struck the bullseye." Now I should hope so, because Borchers is not only the producer of the remake, he's also the director and the co-writer!
Children of the Corn was originally published in Penthouse, 1977. It was published in Night Shift in 1978. But that was just the beginning. The movies would spawn a slew of sequels in the 90's and on into the next century. 1993 promised us "The Final Sacrifice" -- but this is the series that won't die! Please, please, please KILL IT! The Children of the Corn series is like Pet Semetery, each resurrection results in something worse.

  • Children of the Corn, 1984

  • Children of the Corn 2, The Final Sarifice, 1993

  • Children of the Corn 3, Urban Harvest, 1995

  • Children of the Corn 4, The Gathering, 1996

  • Children of the Corn 5, Fields of Terror, 1998

  • Children of the Corn 666, Isaac's Return, 1999

  • Children of the Corn Revelation, 2001

  • Children of the Corn 2009.

This reminds me a little of Star Trek. When out of new ideas of sequals, just start over! (Please, please, no one suggest this to Lucas) I'll watch with interet and low expectations.

"Children of the Corn" premieres Saturday, Sept. 26, at 8 p.m. on Syfy. A DVD with the unrated director's cut will be released Oct. 6.

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