Movies With Terrible Endings

I enjoyed the article, "Which Movies Have the Most Terrible Endings?"  by Allison Weaver.

Some I agreed with, some I hadn't seen, and some left me going, "WHAT?"

Return of the Jedi was a bad ending?  Actually, there is an explanation, "When I say Return of the Jedi, I'm referring to the re-released version of the film, in which George Lucas felt the need to edit the bejesus out of the movie until the whole thing was a laughable mess."  Ah, got it.

Other offerings include Castaway, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Signs.  I liked the ending of Signs!  A lot.

Also, Weaver listed as a bad ending.  Okay, now they're messin' with Hitch!  What's wrong here?  The Birds was great, and the ending was dark, heavy and wonderfully open.  It's how the Mist should have ended.

Titanic.  Uh, I would love to see an alternate ending to that one.  The boat sails into New York harbor?

And then there is THE MIST.  I hate  this ending.  So, even if I disagree with every other entry in this article, I think this is right on.
Did anyone actually enjoy the ending of 'The Mist'? I don't believe it's possible. Who could be happy after watching the main character give up, shoot his own son, and then head off in search of the perfect way to kill himself? 
Honestly, though, even if it ended there, it would've been more acceptable than what really happened. Instead, he discovered that he and the rest of his family and friends could have survived the entire ordeal if they had just waited a few moments longer. Oops! Tough break. 
What movie endings do you hate?

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  1. I don't dislike the ending to the Stand, I just wonder if there was/is room for improvement (though now that I've said it, I'm not sure what that could be).

    I also liked the film Signs. The biggest beef I've heard about that film is how an advanced alien race can be thwarted by a few nails and boards.

    To which I say, we never really learn much about the aliens, we don't even know exactly "what" those lights in the sky are (just because they are in the sky, does that make them automatically ships?)

    I also know I prefer the ending of the film Cujo to the one in the novel. Perhaps that makes me a hopeless sentimentalist, yet I think the film ending helps the story overall.

    I do know I've seen this one fan dub of the Mist ending where the Italian theme for Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm kicks in as the tanks and army march into frame (creating a comic, make-light-of-the-situation tone).

    Incidentally, what do fans think of the alternate Breaking Bad ending?