Joyland News and Joe Hill

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Uncle Creepy at Dread Central posted this an insightful bit from Neil Gaiman’s recent interview with Stephen King.

King praised his son, Joe Hill’s work, saying that Joe could finish Joyland if something happened to him, because their writing styles are “almost indistinguishable.”  He went further, indicating that he thought his sons ideas are better than his own.  The two have collaborated before on shorter works, and we know that Joe played an important role in the final chapters of 11.22.63 – Man Of The Century.

It is kind of strange for King to be thinking the "what if something happened to me" question.  First, it doesn't take him long to hammer out a novel, so it's not like he'll be working on this thing for the next few decades.  Actually, King's website posted news today that the work "has been completed" but still needs to be edited.

And, it turns out there has been some “dickering” with King’s publishers about Dr. Sleep.  I wonder if this is why there is not a November (fall) release of a King novel.  I know that I am super excited about Dr. Sleep, and now Joyland.  King's website also says that Joyland does not currently have a publisher.

The full quote:
“So if I got hit by a taxi cab, like Margaret Mitchell ... 'Joyland' wouldn’t be done but Joe could finish it, in a breeze. His style is almost indistinguishable from mine. His ideas are better than mine. Being around Joe is like being next to a Catherine Wheel throwing off sparks, all these ideas. I do want to slow down. My agent is dickering with the publishers about 'Dr. Sleep,' that’s the sequel to 'The Shining,' but I held off showing them the manuscript because I wanted time to breathe.”
The Dread Central article is HERE.
King's full interview is ablaze at The Fire Wire

King's website published this today:
Following up on Neil Gaimain's interview in the (UK) Sunday Times mentioning a new novel to be titled Joyland about an amusement park serial killer, Stephen has given the thumbs up to officially report that this is indeed a work in progress that has been completed but will need to be edited. There is no official publisher or publication date set at this time. We will update you as more official news becomes available.
So, tell me, all ye who have read Mr. Hill's work -- how like King's is it?  I do know he is very good, but I do not know so from personal examination.  I must say that it is really neat to see King's pride in his children's work.


  1. Personally, I don't think Hill's style is like King's much at all -- it's more postmodern, sharper in terms of the sense of humor, and not as firmly based in character as his dad's work. I think he's close to being as good, and if he were as prolific as King I'd have no hesitation in making the claim.

    That said, I suspect that if he wanted to do so, Hill could mimic his dad's style perfectly. The two meshed their voices extremely well in the short story they wrote together, "Throttle."

    Looking forward to "Joyland" -- it's hard to believe it's already in the editing phase! This man is a machine.

    Next year seems like it's going to be a notable one for the King family: between "Doctor Sleep" (and presumably "Joyland") for S. King, the new novel "NOS4A2" from Hill, and Owen King's debut novel "Reenactment," I'm going to be doing a lot of reading!

  2. David –

    Stop what you are doing, and go immediately down to whatever brick-and-mortar bookstore is still in operation in your town, and buy Joe Hill's 'Heart-Shaped Box' (the best debut novel I have read in years), and 'Horns' (the most original novel I have read in years). Both can be found as reasonably-priced paperbacks.

    Do this now – you will not be sorry.

    Or just hop on Amazon and do it the new-fangled way.

    Or order them for your Kindle in the really new-fangled way.

    That comic-book-reading, voodoo-doll-ordering, father-cursing little boy from 'Creepshow' is all grown up now, and is certainly proving himself a chip off the old block. And yet, he definitely has his own style.

    King's dedication at the front of The Shining reads:

    This is for Joe Hill King, who shines on.

    Yes. He. Does.