The Death of Jack Hamilton to be a short film

Sunderland Echo has posted an article titledthat says 21 year old Jamie Anderson will be directing a short film “The Death of Jack Hamilton.”

Anderson says he is excited to have gotten the licence to adapt the story, as his group is the first to bring it to screen.

“The Death of Jack Hamilton” first appeared in the December 24/31, 2001 issue of  The New Yorker magazine. In 2002, it can be easily found in King's collection Everything’s Eventual.

Jamie summaries the story:
It tells the story of Jack ‘Red’ Hamilton, one of John Dillinger’s gang members, who is mortally wounded escaping from Little Bohemia Lodge, in Wisconsin.”  
“The film follows Hamilton, John Dillinger and fellow gang member Homer Van Meter from Little Bohemia, through Chicago and to Aurora, Missouri, where they seek out the help of Edna ‘Rabbits’ Murray, Arthur ‘Dock’ Barker, Ma Barker’s son, and Volney Davis as they try to save Jack Hamilton’s life.”
The full article is HERE.

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