Might Bachman Strike Again?

Kevin Quigley at Charnel House has this interesting post:
In a recent interview with Scotsman.com, King admitted to at least considering writing a new Richard Bachman novel:
..."I would like to write a Bachman novel that had some of that Charles Willeford feel. The dark side of American life ... I would like to start a book about a crazy private eye, a guy who is really on the dark side. I see the scene: this guy sitting in his office in an unnamed American city, the sky grey, the rain grey and hitting the window. That is it ... But I know the rest of it would follow pretty nicely with that hard-boiled voice like Raymond Chandler. Think of Philip Marlowe, only a total fucking degenerate.”
Quigley notes: "For those of you who thought Bachman's posthumous novels had dried up with Blaze, worry not! It looks like the old dairy farmer still has some afterlife in him yet."


In Sons of Anarchy, King's character was named Bachman.


  1. I'd love to see "Sword in the Darkness" released as a Bachman novel.

    I'm selfish; I want to read every word the dude has ever written.

  2. I suspect sword in darkness is buried and gone. I too would love to read it, though. But, I was pretty engrossed in cannibals. An entire apartment complex locked up together. . . and they start eating each other! WOWA that was some crazy stuff.

  3. I LOVED the two excerpts of "The Cannibals" that King put up. I dearly hope that someday he'll see fit to release the rest, too. Granted, the novel was never finished, but still...

    Now, as for "Sword in the Darkness," that novel WAS completed, so it could theoretically be put out someday. The one chapter of it that was released in "Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished" was pretty decent; by no means was it great, but it was competent, and I'd imagine the rest of the novel probably follows suit.

    My theory is that even bad King novels (IS there such a thing?!?) are bound to have good elements that make them worthwhile reading, for longtime fans even if for nobody else.

  4. Bad King novels. . .

    Thinking. . .

    Insomnia was a lot about -- what?
    Some people give Tommyknockers pretty low ratings.

    I understand what King was doing with Gerald's Game, closing in the walls of his writing down to one woman tied to a bed; it is not one of my favorites.

    Totally with you, though, even "bad" king novles have good elements. So hang in there with Lisey's story!


  5. Even "Lisey's Story" is about one-third brilliant!