Kubrick vs King

Okay, this is not a new subject. Almost roll my eyes when it comes up! However, the approach is unique and worth a couple of moments.
James Parker offers an insightful commentary as he shows the opening scenes of Kubrick's movie version of The Shining. Parker's voice speaks over the scenes and explains how the two versions are different. A compelling way to do this, since Kubrick's ideas are right there in front of you, while Parker explains how the source material differed.
The site offers this simple written explanation, If Stephen King haunts the Stanley Hotel, who haunts Stephen King? The answer is: Stanley Kubrick. King didn't like Kubrick's movie ("a Cadillac with no engine in it"); he didn't like Jack Nicholson in the main role; years later, he readapted The Shining as an ABC miniseries; but nobody cares about that. The movie scared people silly, once and forever. Trance-like pacing, off-center dialogue, a weird molecular throb of menace--these Kubrickian effects are as much a part of The Shining as the original novel.

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