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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Female Characters

Sean Chumley at has an article titled, "King unleashes strong women in Full Dark No Stars." Here's his opening paragraph:
If you thought famous novelist Stephen King was incapable of writing strong female characters, think again. Throughout his career he has featured such characters (the less-read Rose Madder and Dolores Claiborne), but sometimes they have been less-than-feminine (The Stand) or straight up evil (you may remember Kathy Bates's Oscar winning role as Annie Wilkes in Misery). In his latest collection of four novellas, Full Dark, No Stars, Stephen King has written some seriously great fiction with some seriously strong female characters. Whether a ghastly symbol of a murderer's guilt or a victim searching for revenge, King shows a sympathetic eye toward the fairer sex, not to mention some pretty fantastic reading.
The article goes on to summarize the book, with a focus on the female characters. My wife has mentioned before how impressive it is that King can get inside a woman's head!
There is an entire book on the subject in Stephen King's fiction, titled: "Imagining The Worst."

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