This is from my favorite King website,  I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I'll be getting the BRITISH version of Revival.


  1. It's better than the American cover, for sure, but it's nothing special.

    Good news is that the cover being boring doesn't mean much in terms of how good the book itself will be!

  2. I sure WISH I could get hold of a copy. The UK edition may be nothing spectacular, but it definitely is an improvement on the American cover. It also gives readers a better idea of at least suggesting the kind of story they'll find inside.

    A Guardian.UK article gives the book the following interesting summary:

    "Revival is set in a small New England town where, in the early 60s, a small boy falls under the spell of a charismatic minister. Decades later, the two meet up again and strike up a relationship which takes them on a devilish trip through rock and roll, addiction, religion and stage conjury."

    For some reason, that description just makes me wonder if King has ever read any Apologetics. If so, this could get interesting.