Is A Good Marriage Set To Scare?

Clark Collis Entertainment Weekly article proclaims, "'We went in fearlessly': Stephen King on adapting 'A Good Marriage' for film."

Based on a short novel in King's collection, Full Dark,  No Stars; A Good Marriage is one of my favorites.  Probably because it discusses something truly horrifying!  What if you discovered someone you love is actually a serial killer?

A Good Marriage stars Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, Stephen Lang, and House of Cards actress Kristen Connolly.  Most important, the screenplay was written by none other than Stephen King.

King explained why he wanted to writ the script: “I’ve seen enough movies adapted from my work to know that the things that work the best are the things that aren’t too long and aren’t too short."

Revealing he was  never on set (so don't expect a cameo), King promised not to take the story in the "wrong direction." King said the script was about the length  of Shawshank Redemption.  Actually,  the  novel moved pretty quickly until the end, when the detective tried  to figure out what really happened.

This is from my book, "Stephen King, A Face Among The Masters":
Another tough woman appears in the short story, A Good Marriage, in which Darcy Anderson lays a clever trap of her own to knock off her serial killer husband. How does she kill a man who has made a habit of killing  women? And how does she accomplish it without getting caught herself? It is interesting to watch the change in Darcy. She goes from being a “normal” 1950s-ish housewife, to a woman ready to send her beloved husband to the pit.
Even  better, King notes that he likes it because the story is from a woman's point of view.


  1. I hope it turns out well. We'll see in October, I guess.

  2. I'll admit this is one of the few King stories I actually found kind of disturbing, and it seems King might have felt the same way (if his afterword to Full Dark was any indication).

    If he's written the screenplay, then it's a question of what elements remain in the film. We'll see.


  3. This looks excellent. That guy they got to play the lead killer role - -he looks kinda like a cross between Robin Williams and Martin Sheen. uber -creepy...the fact he's relatively unknown is also a bonus. Can't wait to see this one. It's like Big Steve is coming into his own this year and the next. Or we're experiencing a veritable King Renaissance...constant readers, it sure is a good time to be Stephen King fans.