Authors I Always Wanted To Read -- But Mostly Didn't

So as I wait -- ever so patiently -- for Revival to come out, I am left reading the other guys (and gals.)  Mostly theology lately.  But I realized, there is a small pile of writers I've always wanted to read, but just haven't yet.  Here's my list:

1. Robert Block
2. Leo Tolstoy.  Yes I did try War and Peace.  Too much peace, not enough war.
3. Agatha Christie.  I read Ten Little Indians, and it was pretty dreadful in my opinion.  But I should try again.
4. Zane Gray.
5. Louis L'amour.  I want to read cowboy novels, but they all feel kinda the same.
6. C.S. Lewis Space trilogy.
7.  Dean Koontz.  I keep trying, but have trouble getting into the books.  Maybe I should stop starting on book seven.
8. Alexander Dumas.  I watched the movie.  And the musical.
9. Jules Verne.  Again -- MOVIES!
10. Ken Follett.   I've read a lot of his novels; just wish I read a lot more.

Cast no stones.  Just give me your list.

1 comment:

  1. J.K. Rowling: The Silkworm.
    Kinda strange if you ask me.

    Harry Blamires: The New Bloomsday Book.
    I don't know, but this might just be the best book of Joyce's Ulysses.

    A Dark Matter: Peter Straub
    Just started reading and already seems interesting.

    Neverwhere, American Gods, Anansi Boys, Good Omens, Coraline: Neil Gaiman
    Yeah, I actually managed to race through all of these by now. It was a blast!

    I've tried Koontz once. Too much purple prose for my taste, really.

    ....I, um, really like Out of the Silent Planet. I own both the second and third books....I'm still trying to get into them.....(Goes beat red).