King Interview At Telegraph UK

Jane Mulkerris at met with Stephen King in Wilmington, North Carolina, a few days before the Under the Dome's launch.

King tells Mulkerris that though some of his work has been well treated by adaptations, some certainly have not!  He specifically mentioned Firestarter as one that was not a good translation to screen. 

King also says he is glad to be on TV, indicating he was a fan of television when it wasn't popular. He acknowledges that television can be weak because executives are so cautious, but that doesn't seem to stop him from thinking a good time might be ahead with Under The Dome.  Interesting, as Under the Dome has been signed up for a second season, King told Mulkerris, "There’s a tendency to run things until they’re threadbare. Some of the cable networks also went to the well too long. I think Dexter has run a season too long, for one thing.”

King told Mulkerris, 
“I’ve never been an intellectual writer.  The relationship that I want to have with readers is more visceral than that. I hope there’s something to think about in the books that I write but I wouldn’t like it if you read them twice and thought about stuff the second time.”
With this, Mulkerris says King grins and says he just wants to scare you the first time.

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