Maximum Overdrive GOBLIN Goes On Tour

photo credit: TOM DODGE | DISPATCH
Ken Gordon posted at the Columbus Dispatch an article titled, "Collector takes Stephen King movie's goblin on ‘tour.'"

The article discusses Ken Shockey's unique movie prop collection, and one particularly interesting find -- the eight food  Goblin from Stephen King's 1986 film, Maximum Overdrive.  Of course, in the movie it was attached to the front of a truck.  When th eyes of the goblin lit up, you knew the  fun was about to begin!

Gordon takes us on some of the Goblin's  journey since  he was last seen in 1986.  Seems the prop had found its way to a North Carolina junkyard, and then to Shockey's yard in Columbus, Ohio.

How does Shockey pay to restore the Goblin?  He sells "Goblin Dust" for $10 a vile.  That is the dust created when he sanded the head.  Talk about having something unique in  your collection!

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Which leads to a question -- What SK movie prop would you love to have?


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  2. Now that guy is what I call a Stephen King completist! LOL

    btw, to answer the question: "What SK movie prop would you love to have?" That's easy! I would love to have the Adler manual typewriter used by Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" -- plus the page from his manuscript with the phrase he has been endlessly typing, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

    Check it out yourself (and, many other items), here:

    1. Sorry for the double post -- was busy learning how to add my avatar to Google. ;o)

  3. Hello,
    I am Tim Shockey, owner of the Green Goblin head. Thanks for posting this on your site!