Want To Be Buried In Pet Sematary?

www.examiner.com posted  a news article about a Pet Sematary that now allows humans to be buried with their pets.  Of course -- the connection is obvious!

The article says, "It sounds almost like Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary.'"  Well yeah!

The article then moves on to discuss pet-ghosts.  Such as  the Ghost Cat in the tower of London.
The Ghost Cat-Tower of London 
In All Hallows Church, there is a story about an organist that died, and before he died, his one wish was that he wanted his cat to be buried with him, once the beloved pet died also. Well the Vicar didn't agree with that, so he didn't bury the Persian cat with its deceased owner. Now as the story goes, the cat haunts the All Hallows Church wandering around looking for its owner.

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