The Shining Wraparound

This is from my favorite Stephen King website: LILJA'S LIBRARY
Vincent Chong has done an extra piece of artwork for The Shining to be used on a wraparound dust jacket that would be sent out exclusively to those who had purchased the Limited Edition and as you can see Vincent used of the fact that this would be a wraparound dust jacket and came up with the idea for an image which would have Jack chasing Danny down the corridors, in a way so that you would only see Jack on the front of the book, and Danny on the back.


  1. Looking at this piece of artwork makes me wonder, what would be your ideal Shining cover?

    Come to that, how would you like your ideal covers for your favorite King books to look like.

    For the Shining, I don't know. I can kind of envision a long, dark, hallway corridor of the hotel, and at the very end of it, almost far in the background, a tiny spot of light emanating from Danny.

    I really like the mass market cover for Hearts in Atlantis and 11/22/63 (just in terms of evoking an entire decade). I also like the 35th Anniversary It cover.

    What would be the ideal Stand cover?


  2. I liked the original cover art for The Shining. Very 70s-ish. And, it looked like a "NOVEL" not a horror piece. I wish they'd used it for the paperback.