King Trapped Under The Dome

Angie McAlister (Britt Robertson) waits on 'Under the Dome' author Stephen King, who makes a cameo in the second season's first episode, which he wrote. Phil Bushey (Nicholas Strong) stands behind King, with Junior Rennie (Alexander Koch) to the right. (Brownie Harris/CBS)

Great.  Guess who's stuck under the dome. . . yep, Stephen King.  At least he finished the Dark Tower series before getting trapped with the likes of Big Jim. reports that King will do a cameo (in the diner) as part of the first episode of Season 2, which he wrote.  The episode is titled, "Heads Will Roll."  King's appearance is being directly compared to Alfred Hitchcock, who regularly made minor appearances in his films.

The article quotes a USA Today story, in which executive producer Neal Bear stated, “It was fantastic to work directly with Stephen. He’s been a real hero of mine and now I get to work with him."

And then --  "Baer also revealed that two major characters will die in episode 1, but the series is also adding cast members."  Maybe Maggie Simpson's secret way in and out of the dome has been discovered.

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  1. I'm still kind of annoyed that they got rid of some of the best characters (and the less said about what they did to poor Julia, the better).