EW posts drawings for upcoming Drawing Of The Three Comic

picture: popwatch.ew.com

Entertainment Weekly published a great update  on the development of the Dark Tower, The Drawing Of The Three today, writing, "this September, Marvel will release the first issue of a new series that will delve into a new corner of King’s Dark Tower saga.  The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three–The Prisoner is a five-issue miniseries focusing on Eddie Dean, a character first introduced in King’s second Dark Tower book. And as drawn by artist Piotr Kowalski (Marvel Knights: Hulk), it’s also a departure from the post-apocalyptic Western setting of the previous comic books."

This is exciting news to me.  One of my favorite books in the Dark Tower series was The Drawing Of The Three.  If it hadn't been for this novel, I would have given up on the series.

Check out the full article at: popwatch.ew.com

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  1. I have to admit it was impressive to see the comic take on not only Eddie, but also Henry as little kids.

    For whatever reason, the artwork in this comic seems a step up from the other Tower issues. For what ever reason, most seemed too stylized and the last few issues had real crappy art.

    I think it's interesting how they give Eddie a liking for western toy figurines, though I don't know how well that fits in with the character as a whole.

    In Wolves, it's mentioned that Eddie used to listen to Lord of the Rings on cassette, and in Song he mentions being a fan of Sergio Leone's Man with No Name films, however that's about it as far as being a Western enthusiast goes it seems. The character we first meet in Drawing doesn't seem to have much of any interest in the Wild West, but still, we'll see.

    Also, it's neat to finally see one of the Low Men in a comic!