Stephen King Goes To The Movies

By the excited tone of things on the world wide web -- I was interested that there was a new book about Stephen King movies coming out. I already had some books about his movies, but a new one is always welcome. I saw the note on Betts and several other places. Then I was at Walmart with my daughter -- limited cash -- and there it was! Not a big bulky hardcover but a simple paperback written by Stephen King himself. Now here is where I goofed; I was in a hurry, and I didn't look inside. Nope! Anything written by king about his movies, I will read!
I got home to discover that I had bought something that had virtually NO new King matereal. Sigh. Each of the five selected stories for the book, which had been made into movies, were newly introduced by King. The movies included:
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • 1408

  • Children of the Corn

  • The Mangler
  • Low Men In Yellow Coats.

One excited website stated: "This collection features new commentary and introductions to all of these stories in a treasure-trove of movie trivia." The introductions are interesting (King doesn't write bad ones), but not interesting enough to sell the entire book. And let's face it, who's going to buy this book -- King fans. People who already have these stories. Someone will say, "Well, now you have them all in once place." So. . .! Low Men belongs with the collection is was orginally published with. Bottom line: Not much unique here. Would rather have a book by King about his own works, rather than simply a few new introductions.

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