11.22.63 trailer

One of my favorite books is coming to Hulu as a television series.  I'm really excited!


  1. I'm excited too.

    More than that, Lilja's has some interesting links related to the series.

    First, it has a new official trailer on display:


    What's interesting to note about the trailer is this one particular line of dialogue. "The CIA's pulling the trigger!"

    That implies that this adaptation may go in a more Conspiracy oriented route from the novel. This idea seems more probable in light of an article Lilja's showcased a few days before this latest trailer:


    If this change should be true, then, for the moment, I have no complaints.

    Maybe this is because I tend to the conspiracy side of the equation, but also because I don't think this change is in any way too drastic that it detracts from the novels original set up and premise (hopefully?).

    We'll just have to see. Either way, I like the David Lynch-like vibe trailer gives off. Can't wait!


    1. An addendum (sorta, just not really).

      According to a "Variety" article, not only does the miniseries seem to go in a more conspiracy oriented direction, also:

      "Necessary changes were made to the series, including expanding a minor character so that they could avoid giving the series a voiceover. “The people who have read and loved the book will be deeply satisfied,” said Carpenter.

      Abrams said Stephen King responded positively to all the changes they made. “They were necessary and he saw that,” he said. Abrams was effusive with praise for the novelist, who he’d begun a close relationship with during the “Lost” days. He recounted a story of going to see the movie “The Descent” with him and “Lost” showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. “Every time someone died on screen, he would cheer,” said King."

      The article can be found here:



  2. The closer we get, the more this seems like a big winner. I hope it works out that way!