SYFY Contest -- GAME ON!

Let's have some fun!

We all know Haven is a quirky place to live.  I'm not even sure I'd want to visit!  Season 5 has just come out on DVD -- and guess what, I have two prize copies ready to send to you; maybe.

Now for the contest:
David Letterman style, send me your top five (or you can do 10) reasons you would -- or wouldn't -- want to live in Haven.

email me your list at:

CONTEST: September 7-16
PRIZE: Copy of Haven Season 5
RULES: Email a list of at least five reasons you would or would not want to live in heaven.

In the town of Haven, ME, residents are cursed with superhuman afflictions known as "The Troubles." Audrey Parker and her friends try to help the "Troubled" while uncovering deeper mysteries.

 In Season Five our heroes struggle to keep the towns secrets under wraps becomes even more difficult when Haven is visited by a whip smart CDC doctor, who comes to believe that there may be an underlying genetic marker to the troubles, and possibly a cure. But there may be more to her agenda in Haven than first meets the eye.

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