Stephen King is mean

The Stephen King message board recently had a thread that was a discussion about my book, Stephen King, A Face Among The Masters.  ( The topic -- that I said Stephen King is "mean."  Of course, this lead to some heartfelt whining that Stephen King is a serious writer who shouldn't be called mean.

I say -- HA!  
He's mean.
Mean Mean Mean Mean Mean.
And you can't make me un-say it.

If you want nice authors, read Jane Austin.
If you want someone with the guts to kill off little Gage and send killer clowns after grade school kids, read Stephen King.

I echo, what I said in the book, "Most writers don’t have the guts to be mean."
Gardner, Brighton (2014-05-04). Stephen King A Face Among The Masters (Kindle Location 2364).  . Kindle Edition.

(The chapter was developed from this blog post: seven-reasons-we-read-stephen-king)


  1. One of the best decisions I made in my personal life was to quit that site's messageboard and never look back.

  2. Babies. I understand what you meant by saying that he's "mean" and I completely agree. It's one of the main reasons why I love his stories, because he's not afraid to go there.

  3. If you mean King is one of those authors who isn't a afraid to tell life like it is in all of it's messy, ragged glory, then, hell yeah!