11.22.63, episode 1 More

Watched episode one again with my kids.  Of course, on second watch, noticed a few things.  I should note that I've not read anything others have said or written about the show.  So people are probably finding Easter eggs all over the place, and they're just whizzing by me.

First, this is just interesting: When Jake went into the closet and stepped into another world, my daughter looks up from the sofa she's laying on and says, "Wow, that's just like Narnia."  Narnia, I question.  "Yeah, you know -- the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  They go through a closet into another world."

I also liked how Jake said he was the presidents number one fan.  Has Jake been reading Misery?

The movie does a nice job making time itself Jakes real enemy.  I don't know how to say it, but it seems time is an unseen shadow always lurking nearby.  Sometimes it takes on physical form to tell him to go away.  It's always there!  Time tries to mess up his plans, burn him or even run him over when he tries to call his dad.  Time protects itself from the time travelers.  Making me all the more curious -- how did the rabbit hole get created.  I really need to know.

Finally, all the work trying to figure out if Oswald is really one who wants JFK dead is pointless.  A lot of running around -- when there's a much easier way to figure it out.  Just kill Oswald in the airport, jump forward in time and see if JFK was still murdered.  If he lived. . . they got their man.  If he still died, then there's more to the mystery.  -- You're welcome.


  1. Nice spotting of the Narnia reference there. In all the time I've familiarized myself with both the book and the the miniseries, I never once thought of it in those terms. Perhaps it was the label of "Rabbit Hole" that kept me from making the association.

    As for the simple solution, Reverend, here's an interesting question. What happens when someone gets blood on their hands?

    Going a little bit further with this train of thought, even if, as King once theorized, an assassin could be justified, isn't there still perhaps ways of taking a person down without killing them? Wouldn't such an alternative course of action be the more logical approach?


  2. you're right about blood on hands. And killing someone before they are inovolved in the crime is. . . scary.