Link: AVCLUB review of Finders Keepers

I enjoyed the review of Finders Keepers at

we learn:

  • Finders keepers isn't really Hodges book.
  • "Finders Keepers is a direct sequel to King’s 2014 novel Mr. Mercedes, though it takes a while for the connections to appear."
And now I'm off to read the book.


  1. Robinson's review is very good, although not having a copy in my hands (as this post, anyway) I do sort of have natural reservations about her downgrading certain parts, although for all I know I may wind up agreeing with her. However, who knows, maybe a persona l read through will reveal things she missed of something like that (fingers hopefully crossed?).

    Some other good reviews of the book come from the New York Times:

    The Washington Post:

    Kevin Quigley's review at Charnel House:

    And James Smythe's review at

    What makes them all interesting to read I think is that they are all able, in various ways, to not just describe the plot, but also it's thematic significance, meaning that as well as being entertaining, the book could possibly be enlightening on the literary level.

    I don't know, that's just what I got from gauging their reaction, however they've done what I think any good reviewer should do; show why the book is interesting, and why people should want to read it.


  2. I hope to read it over the next couple of days myself. Probably won't have time to blog about it, though, which, since that's been my ritual for the past few King releases, really bums me out. Ah, well!